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Turn-Key IoT Application Services:
    Partnering with ThingWorx, Vantron provides value-added IoT application software development service. This service will help our customer to quickly build their IoT applications. In addition, our customers will save a lot of money spent on IoT application software and reduce the product time-to-market.

    Vantron’ s customers use a range of operating systems on their embedded systems, from Linux and Windows to Android, all of which have be enabled with ThingWorx, and be “ThingWorx Ready”. Access to the ThingWorx IoT Platform has been built into those systems, so that customers can easily integrate them, and have access to those devices.


Vantron has extensive following experiences for building IoT applications:

-    Web applications supporting both mobile and desktop
-    Secure IoT connections
-    Implement MQTT
-    Remote gateway management
-    Multi I/O supports – CAN, USB, Serial Port etc..
-    Wireless Connections – GPRS, 3G, 4G, WiFi, Zigbee, LoRa etc..
-    Private database
-    Data encription
-    Real-time or historical data display, export, backup, processing, and management
-    Customer User Interfaces
-    User access management
-    Data log management
For a real-time demo, costomers can go to :