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※Hardware Platforms and Products
·IO sampled and controlled by 32 bit ARM7 CPU, LPC2102
·16 x Isolated Digital Input
·20 x Relay Digital Output, 30VDC@10A/250VAC@10A
·8 x Analog Input, Isolated
·8 x Analog Output, Isolated
·1 x RS485 Communication port
·DC 5V input
·RoHS Compliance
·All Connectors are lockable for rugged usage

System Processor  IO sampled and controlled by 32 bit ARM7 CPU, LPC2102
I/Os Digital Input  16 x Digital Input, Isolated
 Optional for 8 channels
 2pcs, 10x3.81mm Terminal, Lockable
Digital Output  20 x Digital Relay Output
 Optional for 6 / 10/ 12 / 16 channels
 30 VDC @10A / 250 VAC @10A
 2pcs, 12x3.81mm Terminal, Lockable
 2pcs, 8x3.81mm Terminal, Lockable
Analog Input  8 x Analog Input
 Optional for 4 channels
 2pcs, 12x3.81mm Terminal, Lockable
Analog Output  8 x Analog Output
 Optional for 4 channels
 2pcs, 8x3.81mm Terminal, Lockable
RS485  1xRS485, 3x3.81mm Terminal, Lockable
Software SDK  Provide communication protocol
Power Input  DC 5V Input
Environment Condition Temperature  Operating: -20℃ ~ +70℃
 (ETR:-40℃ ~ +85℃ optional)
 Storage: -40℃ ~ +85℃
Humidity  10-85%RH (Non-Condensation),Operating & Storage
Cooling Mode  Fan less
VT-IO BD DataSheet