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VT - SBC - 35_37

·TI, DM/AM37xx (800M/1GHz) or OMAP 35xx (600/720MHz) Low Power Processor
·On Board DDR 166MHz, 256MB ( 512MB optional)
·On Board NAND Flash, 512MB (1GB Optional)
·Resolution:XGA,WXGA,SXGA,HD720,max 2048x2048
·1xVideo/Camera Input, 12bit
·1x10/100Mbps ethernet, RJ45
·4xUSB 2.0 Host(2xUSB typeA,), 1xUSB OTG 2.0
·6-36V Power Supply, Low Power design
·Embedded Linux, WinCE, Supported

System: CPU  TI,DM/AM37xx(800M/1GHz) or OMAP35xx(600/720MHz)
 ARM Cortex A8 Core, Floating Unit
 DSP Core available (DM/OMAP3x30,3x25),
 Power management and IO by TPS65930
Memory: On board RAM  DDR 166MHz, 128MB (256MB optional)
ROM  ROM: NAND Flash,512MB (1GB Optional)
Expansion memory  1xmicro-SD
Video: Video  2D/3D accelerator (OMAP3x30,3x15)
 1 x LVDS/TTL, up to 2048x2048
 1x24 bit DSS bus interface
Audio: Audio  I2S Codec, Mic input
 Line Output R/L
I/O: Ethernet  1x10/100Mbps Ethernet, RJ45
USB  4xUSB2.0 Host (480Mbps)
 1xUSB2.0 Client(480Mbps)
COM Port  3 x RS232 (5wires)
 2 x RS232 (9 wires)
 2 x UART (9 wires)
 1 x RS232/RS422/J1708 (optional)
 3 x CAN2.0b (optional)
 2 x I2C
 2 x SPI/SSP
IOs  1 x PS2 keyboard, 1 x PS2 mouse
 6x6 array key board
 1xCamera Interface, 12bit
RTC Supported by TPS65930
Software: OS  Supported: Linux, WinCE
SDK  supported
Power: input 6-36V Input,
mechanical: size  120 x 90mm
Environmental condition: Temp.  Operating temp.: -20℃ ~ +70℃
 (WTR:-40℃ ~ +85℃ optional)
 storage:-40℃ ~ +85℃
humidity  10-85%RH(non-condensation)
Cooling mode  fanless
VT-SBC-35_37 DataSheet