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VT - UPS - 2W
■ Support 5V/2W Output
■ On Board Backup Supper Capacitor
■ Can Holdup 60s after external DC removed
■ 2 x GPIO Control interface
■ 1 x RS232 Smart Status Display and Control
■ Power Input from 5-12V
■ Wide Temperature to -40 to 70℃
■ With LEDs display for power supply status

DC Input Connector  1 x 3 x 5.08mm Green Terminal, lockable
Range  5-12V
Protection  Over voltage Protection
 Reverse Protection
EMI  Supported
Backup Supper Capacitor  5V, 30F ( On board )
 2 parallel, 2 serial of 30F
 Can Holdup 60s after DC removed.
Out Puts Output  5V, 2W load
 1 x 5 x 2.54mm, RA
 Shortness Protection
 EMI Supported
Control  1x5x2.54mm, RA, GPIO
COM Port RS232  1 x RS232 for Debug or control
Mechanical Dimensions  96 x 90 x 24.3 mm (without PC104 Header)
 96 x 90 x 29.8 mm (with PC104 header)
Environment Condition Temperature  Operating: -40℃ ~ +70℃
Humidity  10-85%RH (Non-Condensation)
 operating and storage
Cooling Mode  Fanless, with Heat Sink
VT-UPS-2W DataSheet