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HMI Products

   Vantron's VT-HMI products are based on both ARM (ARM 9, Cortex A8 and Cortex A9) processors and Intel Core processors and have low-power consumption and high integration. The products integrate the industrial level TFT LCD panels which have high performances including high brightness, high contrast, wide view angle, long life time and high resolution. The products also integrate touch screens and aluminum alloy enclosures.
   VT-HMI products are able to support both Windows and Linux operating systems. Moreover, the products are opened and allow you to integrate your application software. So it is flexible for many applications
   The datasheets of our HMI products can be downloaded from the following links:

VT-HMI-2071 – Samsung ARM9 S3C2416 Processor
7" Wide Screen, TFT LCD, 10/100-BaseT Ethernet, 1x RS232, 1x RS422/485, 1xUSB1.1 Host,1xUSB1.1 Device
VT-HMI-7073 – TI, DM/AM37xx (800M/1GHz) Processor
7" 16:9, Wide Screen, LCD, 800x480, Touch Screen; 1x10/100-BaseT Ethernet; 1xUSB Host, 1xUSB Client; Micro SD; 1 x RS232;Micro SD Storage (Internal)
VT-HMI-7081 – TI, DM/AM37xx (800M/1GHz)
8.0" 4:3, TFT LCD, 1024x768,Resistance Touch Screen, 1xRS232, 1x10/100-BaseT Ethernet, 2xUSB Host, 1xUSB Client
VT-HMI-8101 – Freescale, i.MX6x series application processor
10.2" 16:9, Wide Screen, LVDS LCD,1024 x 600, Touch Screen, 1xRS232, 1x10/100-BaseT,1x 1000M Ethernet, 2xUSB Host, 1xUSB Client
VT-HMI-9072 – Intel® Core i3/i5/i7Processor
8.0" , LCD, 800x480,Resistance Touch Screen, 2x RS232,2x RS232/485/422, Gigabit Ethernet x 2, 6x USB2.0 Host,2x USB3.0 Host